"Those that carries the light" 


Installation inShibahara-Building, HeimArt Festival, Izumo/Shimane, Japan 

This work has been installed in two rooms of an office building. (See also: "Those that connects the light")


Electric Light Poles with fully suspended electrical cables belong to the ordinary urban landscapes in Japan.

They are a kind of lifeline of the city.

While staying in Izumo, I met an old Electric Light Pole from peeled tree trunk, which is still there with no function today.

I imagined that this Light Pole-trunk has his roots in deep underground.


In the right Room:

An Electric Light Pole, which is recreated in original scale with cardboard, stands/sinks diagonally on the floor.

The "original" Electric Light Pole stands in outside, directly in front of it on the road.

View from outside: the environment is reflected in the window and double images of interior and exterior arise in same time.

© 2019 Naoko Tanaka