"Projection of Future on a Classroom" 


Installation in Nunagawa Campus, Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale, Niigata, Japan 


A hole classroom in an elementary school, that has been closed for a long time, is alienated by the artist.

"Projection of future. Portrait/ mother and kids"

 / Lamda Print / 103 x 72 cm

A black and white photo shows the "portrait" of a chair and three other small chair objects that resemble a mother and her children.

Of these, two chair objects each lack "body parts" and one chair object has six legs instead of four.


The copy of a caricature hangs next to the photo

a French satirical magazine in 2013 that established a link between Japan's Olympic bid and the Fukushima disaster, resulting in a highly controversial overreaction by the Japanese government, an attack on the satirical magazine.


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